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Most Popular Articles

 How do I upload files to my website using FTP?

If you are developing your website, there may be a need for you to upload files via FTP.  Using Internet Explorer is generally not recommended and has mixed results.  The easiest way to FTP to your site is to download Filezilla...

 Differences between domains, sub-domains and directories

Put simply, a domain is what you would usually refer to as your website's URL.   An example of a domain: (or - Notice the domain name and extension? An example of a...

 Do I have to use WordPress as a blog?

The short answer is no!  WordPress is by far the most powerful and easy to use blogging platform on the planet, however it use is not limited to blogging.  Many people use WordPress for Business CMS systems, photo galleries, online...

 I'm new to Wordpress and I need help!

Great to see you've made the first step to running a WordPress website or blog! While we host Wordpress and support the running of WordPress on our servers, we don't really offer any WordPress related support.  Sure, we love WordPress...

 508 Resource Limit Is Reached

The error message "508 Resource Limit Is Reached" appears when your account is constantly exceeding the resources assigned to it - these can include CPU usage, RAM usage and/or the number of concurrent processes running under your...